11 Signs He’s Not Interested After First Date

If you want to know if he is interested after the first date, you have come to the right place. We analyzed potential signs for you so you can read them better.

It is normal to start thinking after the first date, but it may or may not be the case signs he’s not interested after first date. It is very difficult to know if he is interested or not after just one date.

The date could be a good sign, but is it the only one? If a guy likes you after the first date, there are 11 signs that he is really interested.

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11 Signs he’s not interested after first date

Sign #1 He stood you up

If your date didn’t show up, you don’t need to read anything else. That is not good form, my friend.

Even if he had cold feet, it was rude. I don’t want someone in my life that is like that. Don’t go on a second date if he wants to. It will never end well if he doesn’t respect you.

Sign #2 Your Date Ended Fast

Is it possible that your date ended abruptly? If he is asking to leave after an entree because his cat is dying, that is a sign that you are looking for a girl.

He is not that into you.

If his cat is very ill and he wants to make a quick escape without breaking your heart, then he is totally bored with your company.

Sign #3 A wandering eye

The sign you are looking for is if he spent a lot of time on the date with a wandering eye.

I don’t necessarily mean at the girl sitting at the table next to you, but just that he is bad looking and is wondering why the waitress doesn’t shave her armpits. A daydreamer is a no go area.

He was on the phone the entire time.

I don’t know what world you live in, but if someone spends an entire first, second or third date on their phone, they are probably not all that interested.

It’s perfectly acceptable for a married couple to ignore each other but not on a first meeting.

If you want to check just in case, you could send him a text. You will have your answer if he doesn’t reply.

He hasn’t asked for a second date.

The boy needs to do some good old fashioned chasing here. It is a sign that he is not interested in you after the first date if he hasn’t text you at this point in time.

If he is interested, he will text first so he can be the one to send the message. Give the man a few days, but if he doesn’t text after that, it’s all over!

A guy who doesn’t text after a first date is not allowed to go out.

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Sign #6 No contact after first date

This is a big sign that he is not interested in anything. His eyes are showing what he is saying. The poor kid might not know how to break it to you that you catfished him.

If someone makes eye contact with you, that’s a big sign that you like them. They are present in the moment and care about you. Eye contact and a brush of the arm or back are signs that he is interested.

Sign #7 He spoke endlessly about his ex

Run girl run if he talked about his ex on the date. The boy is not over her. This should be seen as a red flag and a get out of jail card. You’re lucky.

He’s not ready for another relationship as he’s still in love with his ex and that’s going to hurt you very much. This boy will return to her at the drop of a hat.

He is making excuses about the date.

If he is too busy and making excuses for not being able to go. He is not interested in you. If you really want to go on a date, do you put it off? It is not normal.

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He wants a casual relationship.

If you met a person you thought could be your husband or wife, would you really say no? If this was true before the date, you would make an exception and not say anything. Is that me?

No-one got time for that, even if he was interested. The kid saved you a lot of time.

He has not responded to you.

It is probably a sign that he is not interested in you that he has not talked about how many siblings he has or given you any details about his personal life.

Sign #11 He’s a womaniser

If the man is just a flirt and you catch him on the gram commenting on other girls pictures after your date chances are he’s not interested He is more interested in talking with a woman than he is in a relationship.

Cut him in half. It is disrespectful and you don’t need to take that chance, there are plenty more fish in the sea. If he really liked you, he wouldn’t bother playing online.

What do you think? Is it a sign that a guy doesn’t text after the first date, or is it just old fashioned to text him after that? Let me know what you think. If you want to try it again, you could ask him some fun questions.

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