Boho Betty Wrap Bracelets For Kids

I never thought I would say that, but I love finding accessories for my daughter and I can both wear them. There is a connection that only a mom can have with her daughter, and that is the fun connection. I was thrilled to learn that they had a collection for young girls as well, as well as Betty and their gorgeous wrap bracelets.

Two friends on opposite sides of the globe formed a company called Boho Betty and a collection of wrap bracelets. These bracelets are easy to wear with any outfit. The wraps are made of leather and contain strands of stones and silvery orbs. You can choose from a wide range of colors and wraps. You can choose a single strand or double mother daughter gifts or triple. Wear them stacked together for a real bohemian look.

The Boho Belles collection is a miniature version of a mom. The single wraps are for 10 year olds and the double for 8 year olds. The wraps are easy to put on and take off, which is a huge bonus for me. They are comfortable. They need to be broken in but after a couple days of wear, they are soft and bendy.

These bracelets are a great choice for a wrapped gift or stocking stuffer. I love these bracelets for your daughter’s friends’ birthdays. You can buy a few and keep them for good behavior since they look great stacked together. The $10-20 range is ideal for kids who may or may not lose things easily. You know who you are!

You can purchase a bracelet for your daughters from the website. You can save 20% on certain items. Happy holidays!

Product was provided by Betty to facilitate the review.

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