Globe Prepaid Internet – What Is It?

With PLDT down for more than a week due to their own issues, I had to rely on Globe Tattoo to get me online. Globe has gotten better europe data sim since the last time I used them. If I don’t get EDGE, I just remove the stick and restart the computer so I can get 3G again.

Globe has a website layout that makes it hard to find a list to choose from. I was able to find the unlimited Globe internet I was looking for. I have to check the available internet plans for the regular mobile sim and not the Globe Tattoo sim which has a different website on its own because I am using a regular Globe sim.

They should be re-posted here as another back-up source, so that I don’t have to use the internet anymore.

Globe’s Unlimited Internet

The internet is unlimited for 5 days.

The internet for 30 days is unlimited.

If you want to know when your internet connection is good, you can text “supersurf” to 8888.

Globe has a data cap at the moment, please be advised. To quote from the link.

Customers on an internet promo and plan who exceed a certain amount of data will experience slower speeds.

The only thing I saw at Globe’s website was the GOSURF299 plan, which was the only thing I found for the SUPERSURF promo. The Globe Tattoo stick can identify the GOSURF299 as a Touch Mobile sim. I will post the plans here so you have more options.

Globe’s POWERSURF Internet

20 MB is valid for one day.

50 MB is valid for one day.

100 MB is valid for 3 days.

50 MB is valid for 30 days.

300 MB is valid for 30 days.

The text is valid for 30 days.

Globe’s GOSURF Internet

GoSURF30 is valid for one day.

GoSURF15 is valid for 2 days.

GoSURF50 is valid for 3 days.

GoSURF99 is valid for 30 days.

GoSURF299 is valid for 30 days.

GoSURF499 is valid for 30 days.

GoSURF799 is valid for 30 days.

GoSURF999 is valid for 30 days.

GoSURF1799 is valid for 30 days and can be sent to 8888.

GoSURF2499 is valid for 30 days.

According to Globe, GOSURF is better due to higher available and extra service likeSpotify. I don’t know if they’ll have the extra service going forever because it’s only on a promo for a few weeks. Globe’s website has more updates.

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