What is the Windows Security Button: How to Unlock It

Windows Security Button is a function that can be found in Microsoft Windows that enables users to instantly lock their computers by just pressing a button on the keyboard.

Quick Answer: The Start menu is where you’ll find the button by default, but the Control Panel is another place you can look for it. When the button is pressed, the computer will be locked, and the monitor will be turned off. The user will then be asked for their password before they can use the machine.

What is the Windows Security Button

There are some apps that are capable of imitating the sign-in procedure that you use and retrieving the login information that you use.

You need to utilize a secure sign-in method that this malware is unable to imitate in order to protect your personal computer from malicious software.

You have the ability, using the security button in Windows, to make the process of logging in more secure, thereby preventing the software from collecting data from your computer.

Therefore, if you use this system that is already installed on your computer, it will make it more secure.

Unlock the Windows Security Button on PCs

Almost all Tablet PCs have an additional button labeled “Windows Security Button:.

While in the Setup utility, you can enter the Ctrl+Alt+Delete command by pressing the Windows Security Button with the tip of a pen or another small object, such as the end of a paper clip.

Alternatively, you can enter the reset command by pressing the Windows Security Button.

Enable the Windows Security Button on tablet PCs

  • To access the PC menu on your tablet, go to the homepage and click “Start.” You may access the settings for your tablet by going to the “Control Panel” and tapping on it.
  • After selecting “Mobile PC,” look for the option to “Tablet PC settings” and tap it. The Settings window for your tablet PC will immediately appear on the screen.
  • The screen orientation of your button can be changed by selecting it from the “Button settings for” options after clicking the “Buttons” tab.
  • Select “Windows Security” from the list of options provided by the “Tablet button.” After doing so, click the “Change” button.
  • Choose “Log On” from the list of options under “Press.” The action that you want the button to perform may then be defined using this.
  • Tap “Ok” twice, and then shut any open windows that are still visible.

Where is the Windows Security Button

Your type of device and the company that manufactured your device will both play a role in determining where the Windows Security button is located on your device.

If the device you are using is a Windows tablet PC, a button will typically come pre-installed on it.

However, if the version you are using is an older one, you can access the Windows Security button function by using an external keyboard and the standard Ctrl+Alt+Delete combination.

To access the feature if you are using a personal computer, you can use the shortcut of Ctrl+Alt+Delete, but this does depend on the device you are using. In general, however, this is how it is done.

Set up a security key

  • To change your Windows security settings, open the Windows Settings app, click Accounts, click Sign-in options, click Security Key, and then click Manage.
  • To verify your identity, either insert your security key into the USB port or tap the NFC reader on your smartphone.
  • After entering your new security key PIN and confirming it, select Add from the Security Key PIN area, and then select OK when you are finished.
  • Your work or school account will now require you to use the new security key PIN, which has been updated on the security key. Click the Change button whenever you feel the need to modify your Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  • To exit the Manage screen, select the Close button.

The bottom line

Within your organization, you may choose to forgo the use of passwords altogether and instead sign in with security keys. When you sign in to your account at work or school, you’ll need both a security key and a personal identification number (PIN). A security key is a physical device.

The use of a security key is regarded as a more reliable method of authentication than logging in with a username and password. This is due to the fact that using a security key requires you to possess the actual device in addition to knowing something that no one else does.




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